Introduction of high-risk AI systems

Group of authors / Deloitte

The AI Act, or the Artificial Intelligence Act, focuses primarily on the category of high-risk AI systems, as their inadequate use could endanger health, safety, or human rights. All three legislative bodies of the EU are aware of this and aspire to describe and address this issue as effectively as possible.

The Commission’s proposal divides high-risk AI systems into two categories. The first category includes AI systems used in products covered by the European Parliament’s and Council’s joint Directive on general product safety. Such products include toys, the aero, space and automotive industries, medical devices, and even intelligent elevators utilizing AI for efficient operation. It is evident that these products could have fatal consequences for their users in case of malfunction. The Directive explicitly states that manufacturers are obliged to place only safe products on the market, thereby ensuring certain limitations on the use of AI.

Authors: Vilém Krejcar, Pavel Šálek, Filip Konečný