Introduction of AI systems with unacceptable, limited and minimal risks

Group of authors / Deloitte

While the primary goal of the AI Act is to regulate high-risk AI systems and ensure their safe operation within the EU, it is imperative to understand the entire spectrum of AI systems. The proposed risk-based approach also encompasses systems with unacceptable, limited, and minimal risks. Which types of systems fall into these categories, and what restrictions apply to them? You will find answers to these questions in our article.

The European Parliament, through a vote on June 12, 2023, outlined its standpoint on AI-related issues and is currently undergoing discussions with EU member states’ representatives in the trialogue phase. The fundamental idea of the regulation is establishing rules that legally and morally align with EU values. Subsequently, the principal aim is to include aspects such as human oversight of AI processes, the safety of users and society, privacy assurance, transparency, prevention of discrimination, and overall precautions against deploying AI systems that could endanger health, security, fundamental rights, democracy, or the environment.

Authors: Vilém Krejcar, Pavel Šálek, Filip Konečný