Artificial intelligence and its regulation in the European area

Group of authors / Deloitte

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now integral to our everyday lives. However, the rapid growth of this technology has raised many questions and concerns. European Union has set itself the task of establishing a clear regulatory framework for AI that would establish trust between consumers and the companies developing it. Therefore, The European Commission presented a Proposal for a Regulation to the European Parliament and Council on 21st April 2021, laying down harmonized rules on artificial intelligence and amending certain legislative acts of the Union (the proposal is commonly known as The AI Act).

The AI Act seeks to establish regulatory and legal frameworks for the application of AI across the European Union, harmonizing the rules for the development, marketing and specific use of AI systems and the associated risks. This is the first attempt to introduce regulation focusing exclusively on AI systems. The proposed regulatory framework targets the use of AI systems in the EU and the risks associated with their implementation.

Authors: Vilém Krejcar, Pavel Šálek, Filip Konečný